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Things Your Real Estate Agent Can't tell you

by North County San Diego Home Sales 02/11/2020

So you're in the market for a home, and you meet your Realtor to take a tour of several potential dream homes. Each time you ask, "What's this neighborhood like?" However, she obfuscates, never really answering your question. That's no accident. That's by design.

There is this law called the Fair Housing Act, enacted in 1968, geared at eliminating housing discrimination, and your agent is well aware that she can't answer, or she is violating the terms of her real estate license. The law protects against discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or family status and especially prohibits any real estate professional from steering prospective home buyers or renters toward or away from a community based on any of the classes under federal protection.

Even if your agent wants to tell you that it's a great neighborhood for families, he or she can't. Saying so implies the neighborhood demographic consists of parents and kids. That means single folk or older couples may be inclined to pass on a house because they feel the neighborhood isn't a good fit for them.

There is a host of other things your agent can't talk about as well — crime stats, school information, or the religious or political demographics of an area.

Just because your agent can't talk about certain things, it doesn't mean there aren't resources. You can contact your church in the area and discuss where many of the congregants live. Maybe call the school district used in the neighborhood and get school "report cards" to check out the quality of the schools. Of course, you can contact the police or visit the local law enforcement web sites for crime info. You can even check Megan's List online to see how close sex offenders live to the property. Many buyers chat with the neighbors to see what they think about the neighborhood

Curious about those abandoned railroad tracks that run behind a house that interests you? Your agent will probably send you to the planning department at City Hall to see if there is any plan to use them. They can also describe things in the area. They simply can't talk about people. For instance, they can say there is a park nearby, but can't say if any children play there. Discussing whether a home is a good value for the neighborhood is, however, something they are eager to help with.

The important thing is not to be nervous that you'll ask the wrong question and cross some boundary. Agents are like tour guides and can direct you on where to go. And in this information age, most of it is right at your fingertips.

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